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Golf One Day; Fish The Next...

Golf & Fishing Packages

Golf one day - Fish the next.

In New Orleans, great fishing is just minutes away and your friends at Big Easy Golf can set up the perfect fishing trip for your group. Call us toll free at 866-688-9938 to include a day on the water with your golf package.

Your fishing package will include transportation from the hotel to the dock, tackle, bait, fishing license, and lunch.

New Orleans, Louisiana fishing boat charter guides for Speckled Trout and Redfish, deep sea sport fishing trips, bayou swamp marsh tours, all inclusive fish and golfing vacations by Big Easy Golf.

Our fishing is good 12 months out of the year, but as in any area around the country we have peak seasons.


December, January and February - These months are cold by our standards, 40 to 60 degrees with strong north winds. The fishing is primarily done with cut bait. Fishing can still be productive, but cold fronts can "turn the fish off" for days at a time. If you are in New Orleans for a few days, just give us a call and we will give you an honest forecast.

March - This is the hardest month to predict, we call it our swing month. The winds can be out the north one day and out the south the next. We have enjoyed great catches during this time of year, but have also been "blown" off of the water.

April, May and June - These are the best months for comfort, quality and quantity! The brown shrimp start to move back into the shallow marshes from the Gulf and it is a feeding frenzy! Big trout are caught in April and May and the red fish start showing back up in the shallow marsh ponds.

July, August and September - While these months are the warmest of the year, this is definitely one of the better periods to fish. If you don't mind the heat, big schools of trout are in the open bays and daily limits are common. Red fish are "thick" in the shallow ponds and top water action is at it's peak!

October and November - As the temperatures start to cool off our fall run of "school trout" begins. It's as if nature is telling the fish to stock up on food. At times you can see 20 to 30 boats fishing the same area and everyone is catching fish! The red fish will also school up this time of year and schools of red fish reaching numbers of 50 to 100 can be see on calm days.

For New Orleans Golf & Fishing packages call us toll free at 866-688-9938

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